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W(ork)I(n)P(rogress): Accumulated Disintegration

In collaboration with Lighting & Media Designer Matthew Johns, I have begun serious work to get Accumulated Disintegration moving towards its 2016 premiere.

Accumulated Disintegration questions the manipulation of power that leads to aspects of both social construction and social decay. What in our personal and collective psychology leads to mob mentalities and the potential for communities to tear themselves down instead of building themselves up? Drawing inspiration from historical events, and developing in the wake of recent protests in the East Bay (and nationally), this piece resonates the tensions and unease of existing social unrest.   

Building upon some initial choreography I drafted in 2013, we will begin official rehearsals this summer, working in close partnership to develop the media along with and integrated into the performance from the beginning. We hope the world of the dance becomes an immersive experience for audiences and performers alike — where the subtle line between mediated experience and "real" experience is constantly questioned.

As this work will employ projectors, sensors, and other technology within a non-traditional theatre venue, we are working hard to secure funding. If you might be interested in underwriting a portion of the project or offering in-kind donations, please be in touch! And we hope to see you in February 2016 for the premiere!

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