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Interdisciplinary Performance


In 2013, during a residency at the Milkbar Project Room, I worked on a series of dance paintings. Inspired by Yves Klein's anthropometries and fire paintings and my own desires to record the patterns of dancers upon the stage, I wanted to investigate the possibilities for recording dance's ephemeral moments in lasting traces and to see if repeated movements would leave identical marks.


These investigaions were presented as a live performance at the 2013 subZERO festival in San Jose's SoFA Art District.


The collaborative work of Lauren Baines and Matthew Johns, Effect|Affect is imagined as series of interactive performance installations featuring modern dance and real-time media manipulation (in the form of lighting, projection and audio technology) to create an immersive and responsive environment for performer and audience.


Exploring the interaction between bodies and technology, passive and trained responses versus conscious circuitry acting with agency, the relationship between performer and the simulated environment shifts over the course of the performance. Each performance develops as a duet between technology and performer as they become equal agents in altering the audio and visual landscape as dancer(s) and media artist respond to one another in a structured improvisation.


The first iteration of this series premiered in August 2013 in San Jose, CA at the ZERO1 Garage as part of ZERO1: The Art and Technology Network's Bring It! Series. Footage from the performance demonstration can be seen in the video at right.


We hope to continue work on this piece and the implications of a real-time dance-media duet in different venues, and with different levels of audience interactivity, in coming years.

Natural Reflection


(more info coming soon)


Collaborative work with Tong Wang exploring the possibilites of mylar surfaces, live feed video projection, and Isadora software to explore ideas around the concept of reflection.

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