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Portfolio of Interdisciplinary Endeavors

I am interested in explorations of memory, communication, and personal and collective psychology through overarching investigations of reflection, consciousness, and perception. I investigate the role of a personal sensorium for comprehending the world; questioning the potential fallacy of perception, the tantalizing trickery of reflections, and the aid or obstruction of the body and other “bodies” (bodies of water; bodies of knowledge; bodies of power). My works develop from initial research (whether scholarly research, image research, or other) that is then dissected, felt, and experimented upon in the studio.



In 2013, during a residency at the Milkbar Project Room, I worked on a series of dance paintings. Inspired by Yves Klein's anthropometries and fire paintings and my own desires to record the patterns of dancers upon the stage, I wanted to investigate the possibilities for recording dance's ephemeral moments in lasting traces and to see if repeated movements would leave identical marks.

Time of Day

Stills from surrealist screendance Time of Day, that I conceived, filmed, and edited.



An excerpt of the film is viewable on vimeo:


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